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About Intellegō Smart Structures

Intellegō Smart Structures brings to date 35 years of knowledge and experience in the low voltage and software/IT industries. Overseeing the designing, engineering, programming, managing, installing and servicing systems in commercial, government, educational, marine a couple of RV’s and private residences from 4k up to 50k + sq. ft. for both our B2B and B2C customers. 


One way in which we bring our personalized touch is through our separate software division that writes our operating system for our out of state B2B customers as well as software for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.  Our O.S. is the culmination of over 25 years of customer conversations and it’s designed to be a stable, yet simple and powerful interface that is easy to use for all customers.  Intellegō’s O.S. can run one room, or it can run systems with over 400 sources, 64 displays, 100 user interfaces, all while being dual language, controlling all the ancillary systems, and being used daily in properties over 45k sq ft.


We pride ourselves on designing and delivering the most stable and reliable solutions all while delivering ultimate service, ultimate installation and most of all an ultimate attention to detail.  Intellegō designs and implements projects for an extensive global customer base on both land and sea. We have watched families grow, change locations, and move out while our systems have changed ownership numerous times, as we will always be available for our clients. Above all else, no matter where in the world, customer service is always our top priority.


The founders Edmond Girardi and David DeSimone provide a vast wealth of knowledge about all things structure and software related and bring over seventy combined years of experience in the audio/video smart house and software/IT industry.


Edmond has a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from the State University of New York (SUNY). He has been programming enterprise class software systems for major corporations nation-wide for over 25 years. In addition, for the past 15 years Edmond has been heavily involved in engineering and programming AV Automation Systems and Smart Structures for corporations, private yachts, and large residential estates.


David has been in the Audio Video industry since 1987 and worked for one of the largest AV integrators in the North Eastern United States. It was there David designed and programmed some of the largest systems in the grandest homes in NY, NJ, and CT. After relocating from NY to FLA in 2004, he started a Crestron Services Provider company specializing in designing, programming, and even installing Crestron systems for integrators all over the world. David went on to design the process that is used in every project to have it run as efficiently as possible without being intrusive into our customer's lives. David is a Crestron Master Level Silver Certified Programmer with over 25 years of designing and programming Crestron systems.

Our Process

Developed from the knowledge obtained over years of providing services and solutions to a global customer base of small and large businesses as well as end users allows us to design, manage, and implement projects efficiently with great success.  We bring this knowledge and experience to every one of our projects to ensure our customers are totally satisfied.

Initial Consultation

The most critical part of any project.  Discussing todays technology as well as tomorrows and how to best integrate it into your property to not only be enjoyable to use but meet the demands of tomorrow as well.

In a Meeting

Design Review & Approval

After the consultation we prepare a design with budget for review and if needed revision.  Once approved and funds cleared the project commences.


Our procedures were developed from the experience obtained while working with our B2B partners and property owners alike.

The experience from managing projects for a global customer base allows us to implement your projects in the most efficient and least obtrusive way in regards to your valuable time.

The Finishing


Before delivery we calibrate all of our systems commissioned for the structure,  Once completed we deliver the project to you and based upon what service options you choose proceed accordingly.

Eclectic Living Room

Our Quality Guarantee

At IIntellegō Smart Structures we believe so strongly in our ability to design and deliver a stable, reliable system that will enhance the end users’ experience, that we provide this Limited Warranty that the labor and software solution remain free of defects for up to (5) years from date of delivery of original contract.  This time period may be extended by purchase of a Preventative Maintenance Plan.  

Audio/Video/Lighting/Climate Control/Security System Integration/CCTV Systems/Entry Control & Monitoring/Network Design/Motorized Window Treatments/Pool Interfacing/Water Management & Monitoring/Energy Management & Monitoring/Software Design/Intelligent Structure Designs utilizing A.I./ Engineering/Programming/Installation for Residential, Commercial, Government, Education, RV and Marine and only for our B2B partners - Business & Marketing Consulting.


Over 35 years of experience and close to 1,400 projects successfully implemented so far

-Choosing Intellegō Smart Structures means you chose wisely-

Enhance your property with Technology

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