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Business Consulting Services

From knowledge and experience gained in the technology industry since 1987 as well as working with a global B2B customer base since 2004, you learn a lot. 


Combine that with the knowledge gained from a conversation with a billionaire property developer and you learn one overwhelming truth: businesses can either evolve or die.


We experienced this firsthand, allowing us to maximize our ROI, contributing to our rapid growth and bottom line.

In having access to an end user customer base of high-net-worth individuals, whom if they don’t have a technology solution on one of their other properties; they are familiar with them. Because of this, two things needed to be resolved: 


1: Provide plug & play products for our B2B partners, allowing them to capitalize on a revenue stream they thought was unavailable.


2: Provide processes for our B2B Partners allowing them to achieve maximum ROI per project.


The End Results:

 Since 2004 our B2B partners have been capitalizing on revenue streams they thought were unavailable or did not see at the time. With us they have been able to reduce employee overhead, get out of projects faster to take on more work, while maximizing their ROI and bottom line simultaneously.

We're not an AV Company 

We know you are not and our B2B partners provide the front office, finance, sales, site management, and laborers just like you may already have in place; We will provide the rest


This is why we recommend to open a “Technology Division”

to allow you to capitalize on the technology revenue stream you are currently missing and bring it into your company

Never before has one industry converged with another more than technology into property development.

Why should I start this Division?

IF you're not aware, a recent survey states 81% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase a new home that has smart technology (


By 2023, smart home automation in US homes is projected to be near 54%

SAN FRANCISCO, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The global smart home market size is projected to reach USD 537.01 billion by 2030, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc

Intellegō has no doubt we can show, train, and assist you and your team in bringing the technology revenue stream into your company with maximum ROI from day one

What does Intellegō provide?

We provide 35 years of knowledge and experience in the AV & Software/IT Industries


A wealth of knowledge from working with a global customer base of B2B partners in the commercial, residential, hospitality, government, education, and marine markets

+1,400 successful projects engineered & Implemented to date and adding more every day

Knowledge and experience of constructing properties and construction related industries 

Intelligent property solutions that unite all systems for the structure to run as one property, without constant maintenance

Up to a 5-year warranty on our installations & software solutions and will train your team to deliver the same level of service


These are just some of the items that separates us from ALL OTHERS in Florida

More details provided in consulting agreement

Project Methodology

Being in the Technology industry for 35 years and providing consultation work since 2004, we know what businesses want and need even when it may not be apparent to themselves

They want to reduce overall time spent on the project 

They want to get out of the projects quicker; at the same and with better quality

 To better their perception in a positive way

Most importantly, like every other business they want to Increase their ROI and bottom line

We developed our "Project Methodology” by running through every scenario regarding what can go wrong with a project and then coming up with solutions to achieve the aforementioned results and more 

How does this benefit my Company?

With minimal investment you will be able to capitalize on the technology revenue stream that you have been giving away. Capitalizing on this will add millions to your company's bottom line

Providing you with the ability to present and deliver superior intelligent property solutions; far superior than others in Florida

Increase your overall ROI generation and bottom line

Become known as the go to business for intelligent properties in your area

The capabilities of delivering these solutions as well as the confidence of providing quality service and a warranty no other Technology Integrator can match will set you apart from the competition

How does Intellegō get paid?

The consulting agreement has all the details, however we get a percentage of each project; No recurring yearly, monthly  or membership expenses. We’re that confident in what we do and the work we provide

This helps increase our B2B Partners ROI and bottom line quite drastically and in some instances exponentially

How do I proceed?

If you are tired of hearing excuses, and you can recognize the world and your industry is evolving rapidly with the convergence of properties and technology and you want to capitalize on it, then click the contact button below


You have the high-net-worth customer base who don’t have a system with one or all of their properties; even if they are familiar with them


You are looking to separate yourself from your competition and want to stop selling the same solutions they are

Become the property developer high-net-worth purchasers look to when searching for an intelligent property  

If ANY of these points describe yourself, reach out as Intellegō has no doubt we can show, train, and assist you and your team in bringing that technology revenue stream to your company with maximum ROI, starting on day one

Our Quality Guarantee

At IIntellegō Smart Structures we believe so strongly in our ability to design and deliver a stable, reliable system that will enhance the end users’ experience that we provide this limited warranty that the labor and software solution remain free of defects for up to (5) years from date of delivery of the original contract.  This time period may be extended by purchase of a preventative maintenance plan.  

Audio/Video/Lighting/Climate Control/Security System Integration/CCTV Systems/Entry Control & Monitoring/Network Design/Motorized Window Treatments/Pool Interfacing/Water Management & Monitoring/Energy Management & Monitoring/Software Design/Intelligent Structure Designs utilizing A.I./ Engineering/Programming/Installation for Residential, Commercial, Government, Education, RV and Marine and only for our B2B partners - Business & Marketing Consulting.


Over 35 years of experience, close to 1,400 projects successfully implemented so far and still going

 -Choosing Intellegō Smart Structures means you chose wisely-

Enhance your property with Technology

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